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I am really thankful for the overwhelming response to my blog. I received several emails, calls giving valuable suggestions regarding the “Strategic Roadmap of Central University of Rajasthan”. I am in a process of preparing a consolidated write-up in the form of “Concept Paper”. The paper will be posted on the blog for more suggestions.


Meanwhile, I have drafted the Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives and Quality Statement for the Central University of Rajasthan. I once again request all the stakeholders to go through the same and post their views.


Prof. M.M. Salunkhe




Vision Statement:

“Central University of Rajasthan aspires to be the India’s most energetic and responsive university, offering unparalleled educational opportunities for learner community especially to the lower social economic strata of the society seeking the highest quality undergraduate, graduate, and continuing personal or professional enrichment in higher education and selected professions that will lead to formation of scholarly community serving the nation  by advancing, sharing and applying knowledge, and by facilitating the development of thoughtful, creative, adaptable, contributing and humane citizens.”

Mission Statement:

“The mission of the Central University of Rajasthan leveraging its location in the state’s largest and most vibrant city is to contribute to the educational, cultural, economic, and social advancement of India by providing excellent undergraduate general education and first-rate programs leading to  bachelors, masters, professional, and doctorate degrees; to offer a particular commitment in addressing the cultural, economic, educational, environmental, health, and social needs of the region and the nation at large.”


  1. To facilitate accessible and affordable quality education that leverages the students with scholarly and professional skills, moral principles, and global perspective.
  2. To augment both faculty and student research addressing basic and regional problems.
  3. To Integrate a national and international perspective into our fundamental fourfold missions of teaching, research, extension and consultancy.
  4. To explore for knowledge and wisdom in order to build a wealth of academic resources indispensable for a sustainable development to accomplish the status of a leading research-intensive university; and to engage in transferring of knowledge and technology to community in order to strengthen and elevate the community potential, and to increase the competitiveness of India  at the global level.
  5. To employ the strategy of proactive management of university administration, and to operate the system within the sensible framework of high-quality governance with prominence on efficiency, transparency and accountability.
  6. To formulate the University as one of the best places in the world to attain the intellectual skills and affirmative mindset to thrive in an increasingly internationalized job market and to act as responsible citizens of the global community by inculcation of value education.


  1. Building character while simultaneously building the careers of the students by developing analytical thinking, individual initiative and responsibility.
  2. Providing flexible, innovative academic and research programmes and support services that are responsive to a broad range of learners and regional needs.
  3. Facilitating a broad range of learning opportunities for learners engrossed in graduate, postgraduate and research programmes.
  4. Encouraging considerate and accountable faculty and learnersparticipation in local, state, national and international affairs.
  5. Recognizing a special obligation to educate the students coming from minorities and lower socio-economic strata of the society.
  6. Undertaking research and consultancy on the challenges the region is facing and to contribute to its expertise with the community.
  7. Providing means for the building of capacities for leadership and service through academic programs, campus activities, and opportunities for community involvement.

Quality Statement:

In order to meet the challenges of the knowledge era and to keep with the pace of knowledge explosion in Higher Education, the Central University of Rajasthan is committed to inculcate and sustain the quality in all the dimensions of higher Education viz. teaching, learning, research, extension and governance catering to the regional and global needs.






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As all of you are aware, The Government of India has accorded a high priority to the higher education sector and a ten fold increase has been provided in the budgetary outlays for the higher education during the XIth Plan as compared to Xth Plan. As a part of new institution building, a Central University is all set to commence its functioning in the vibrant state of Rajasthan from the academic year 2009-10.

H. E. Hon’ble President of India in her capacity as the Visitor of the Central University of Rajasthan has appointed me as the first Vice Chancellor of Rajasthan Central University. It is my pride and endeavors to initiate the functioning of the new Central University of Rajasthan towards building the world class platform for the knowledge dissemination.

As all of you are aware, in the 21st Century synonymously known as the knowledge era and with the globalization, the higher education has become more internationalized and therefore engrosses intensive networking and collaborations amongst the stake holders comprising of the peer institutions, scholars, students, industries and Government.

As a person of eminence in academics, I request you to participate in the building of the Rajasthan Central University. At the first place, I would like to solicit your esteemed views regarding the following:

  1. New Academic Programmes you would envisage in the Rajasthan Central University from academic year 2009-10 (With minimal infrastructure requirements, easy relocation etc.).
  2. The Roadmap of the University for the Next Ten years.

With the prevalence of the world wide web, it would be appropriate for all of us to brainstorm on this important issue by using my present blog. I therefore request you to participate in this brainstorming by posting your views on this blog.

Your contribution will be valuable in formulating the strategy of this budding Central University and it will be placed as a landmark for nurturing the young talent pool in the history of this new Central University.

I would also invite your attention towards the reference material placed on the following web URLs, in order to get the insight regarding the higher education scenario in the state of Rajasthan:

I may be reached by email at mmsalunkhe@hotmail.com. You may as well talk to me on my mobile number 09822069521 besides posting your comments on this blog.

Please feel free to circulate the Weblink of this blog amongst your peers as well as other sake holders  and also let me know the other renowned academicians who would be of vital importance in assisting me in this endeavor.

With warm regards.

Prof. (Dr.) Manikrao M. Salunkhe
Vice Chancellor
Central University of Rajasthan

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